TV Show Review

TV Show Review

The BET Awards 2020

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Let’s recap the 2020 BET Awards. The show started off with an inspiring performance by Roddy Ricch. We also got to hear inspiring stories from the black community. Next up we had a goose bump inducing performance from John Legend.

The theme for this yea is “Our culture can’t be canceled” and was done completely virtual.


The first award of the night is for Best Female Hip Hop Artist, which went to Megan The Stallion. She did have a big year so I’m no too mad at that.

Video of the year went to: Higher by DJ Khalid, John Legend and Nipsey Hustle. No complaints there and may Nipsey rest.

Best International Act (Not familiar with anyone): Burna Boy.

Best Female RnB/ Pop artist: Lizzo, like really. Can’t stand her and def think it should have gone to someone else. I like her acceptance speach but I still don’t like her.

Album of the year: Roddy Ricch, Please Excuse me for being antisocial. I think it was well deserved for the year.


First up was Masego, whom I’ve personally never heard of but they had a fun vibe.

Sir and D Smoke performed and it was powerful for lack of a better word. Let go is such a beautiful song. Black habits is another incredible song.

Meg The Stallion had a super intricate performance out in the desert. She performed Hot Girl which brings up the controversy from Easy E’s daughter. let’s not even get started on that. She also performed Savage which is my shit no lie which could do without Beyonce’s wack ass on it.

Lil baby and Roddy Ricch performed and it was more activism. I love how hip hop always inspires and discussed the issues in the world.

Jennifer Hudson perform a soulful melody.

Anderson Pakk performed Lockdown where he discussed the protests happening and the truth behind it.

Lonr brought some RnB vibes to chill us out.

There was also a tribute to Little Richard which was a ton of fun.

Then of course Lil Wayne did a tribute to Kobe Bryant. What a loss we had with Kobe. He was an amazing girl dad and husband and just over all human being.

I almost cried during Alicia Keys performance. It was heart wrenching.

Chloe and Halle killed Do it and Forgive Me.

Summer Walker and Usher was a chill vibe and a nice change of speed from the rest of the show.

I skipped the rest of the show because there was nothing of interest to me. The last I caught was our forever first lady speaking.

TV Show Review

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich x Surviving R. Kelly Thoughts

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So while being on bed rest again, I’ve been catching up on documentaries in between activism. I finally caught this doc and I have to say I’m disappointed. The doc was vague and seemed very white washed. I compare this to the R, Kelly documentaries from a couple years ago. The key difference is that with some of the women that Kelly abused, they had their parents involved in their lives and around prior to the abuse.

Epstein on the other hand took advantage of low income white teenagers whose households were troubled and needed money. He never went out seeking them like Kelly did.

Investigate the Epstein doc was done better. Also, when his crimes came out people didn’t run to his defense immediately like many Kelly fans did. Some of these girls even with their low income and troubled homes were able to get good attorneys who went the extra mile for justice. Did the same happen for R. Kelly victims?

When it comes to documentaries, we have to do better. I also feel that in middle school, sex education needs to be provided as well as learning about consent. Often times, we leave this to parents and parents either ignore the topic or are not involved enough to care. This is not to say that women are at fault in any way. But in the doc many of these girls at 15, 16 and 17 had no idea what was even happening because they had no education about their own bodies. They are now traumatized for life. We need access to consent, not just for women but also for men. Will this avoid every possible rape or assault situation…no. But at minimum knowing what your private part is called and that if you say no and someone continues that it is assault might be a good start to recognizing what is happening.