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Ph-Lobby: A Humble triple threat

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This is how the interview started with this week’s featured Artist Ph-Lobby.
What means the world to you?
Ph-Lobby responded this question by saying, “It would have to be what Cam’ron said, which is, god, family, richness of life, which is to enjoy life to the fullest.”
 Ph-Lobby is a 29-year old up and coming artist who currently resides in Pembroke Pines, FL, but who is originally from Philadelphia. He is the oldest of four and because of it he has amazing leadership skills. He describes himself as an artist in every sense of the word since he is a triple threat. He is a visual artist as well as a rapper whom also writes poetry. Ph-Lobby graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama. One thing that he discovered while in school there was how to hone his artist abilities in literature. He hopes to begin the journey of pursuing his Master’s in Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University starting by the end of this year. He has worked as a substitute teacher and as we know every experience helps us in life. Ph-Lobby says that as a substitute teacher he has learned how to master his stage presence, crowd control and of course vocal projection, as well as, given him added confidence, which are all things that every MC needs.

However, although being an MC requires being the center of attention Ph-Lobby is one of the most humble people you will ever meet. He does not like being the center of attention even though he has a magnetic personality and can easily become the center of attention when he needs to be. When Ph-Lobby performs you cannot help but to focus your full attention on him and become mesmerized by not only him, but his words as well. He draws inspiration from his relationships with women, which is what motivates much of his content. Artists whom he also draws inspiration from both musically and fashion wise would be Jay-Z and Kanye West.

He is currently working on his Trilogy mixtapes, which he hopes to release the first of these sometime around Christmas. The Trilogy Mixtapes will consist of about 15 songs on each disc, which will total out to 45 songs. It sounds like Ph-Lobby has a lot of work on his hands musically. He also currently does album artwork for other hip hop artist in the Miami and Atlanta area. Ph-Lobby is also working on clothing designs, mainly graphic tees for both men and women, for Thinking Cap Entertainment.  Aside from all of that he also does freelance work. He does 2d, 3d, caricature, and painting. You can see all the talent emitting from this young artist. What can’t he do??

As for his five-year plan, Ph-Lobby has high aspirations, which I know without a doubt he will be able to attain. He plans to be in Atlanta furthering his career in the art world. He hopes to open an art museum to showcase local urban artwork. Through his museum, he wishes to give people a place to showcase their talents and abilities as well as inspire other local artists. Even with all his amazing career goals, he also hopes to be married (maybe to his college sweetheart??) with possibly 3 kids. He is an uncle now but does not have any kids of his own and is single but open to a committed relationship. 
Some interesting facts about Ph-Lobby would be that he considers himself an Art impresario and aspires to be a wine oneophilist. He considers himself a weird Leo because he is more of a loner. Ph-Lobby says he normally marches to the beat of his own drum, which is evident in my dealings with him.

If there were anything that sums up Ph-Lobby it would be this:
“I would like to be what Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiet were in the 80s in todays industry.”
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