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Matt Porche: A laid back Writer and Rapper

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If you take one thing from listening to  Matt Porche’s  music is the pure creativity and passion he has when it comes to word flow. Originally from New Orleans Porche moved to South Florida at a very young age. As a kid he dabbled with writing and poetry always writing things down in a journal. At school he was always freestyling during recess and after school.  As a teen he would still freestyle in the halls but he never took music seriously until he met Op at school. Porche saw how at only 16 Op had such a passion for music and Porche was hooked. This is when he really started getting into the music scene. Porche wanted to be good at it and with everything else he wanted to excel. He started spending more time writing songs for himself as well as other artists. As with everything in life you have to network and Porche was on a roll.  
Around this time is when he joined YungRebels Society , a music group with his friend Op. They wanted to dominate the music scene. The group is still around but they aren’t on top of things like they used to be. The most important thing about YRS is,  “We’re rebels because we don’t make music like everybody else.”  OP and Porche released a mixtape called The Collab back in early 2011.
Porche has continued his passion for writing and music through his continued education and experiences. He studied communications at Broward College from 2008 until 2010. He is currently studying Public relations at Florida International University. Through his public relations studies he has learned how to market and deal with clients. He hopes to use this in order to brand and market himself in the near future. Also during his schooling he has had the opportunity to volunteer at the Everglades Correctional facility. This was a life altering experience in Porche’s life. He realized that it’s nothing like what you see in the media. While he was there he got the opportunity to counsel inmates and help them set up a plan for after they get out. He learned that you can not judge them from their past and if you put in the effort and time you can help someone possibly change their life. During his education at both schools he continued to write for the paper, which was his first passion.
Now back to the music side of things. Matt Porche recently interned at Power 96, a south Florida radio station. He interned in the promotions department. During his time interning he learned the ins and outs of the radio station. This experience gave him some insight on the business side of the music industry. He also learned how stations deal with clients, fans and sponsors.
Matt Porche draws inspiration from many things. He has a passion for writing and he has translated that passion into music. The way he looks at a song is that you can compose a song from an idea. That idea can not only get people’s attention but also inspire and change their outlook. Matt Porche likes soulful music, and music that let’s people have fun. His music influences come from listening to hip-hop and r&b.  He has many musical influences, which on the hip-hop end include, Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Jay-z,Young Jeezy and LupeFiasco. Porche likes Young Jeezy because he captures people through his emotion and he doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on his mind through his music. When it comes to r&b, Porche goes a little bit more old school. He listens and captures inspiration from Usher, Brandy, Stevie wonder, Anita Baker, Prince, Baby Face, and of course Michael Jackson. Something that Porche said during our interview about the current artist out there is this, “The way hip hop is going, people need to understand that music can touch people’s lives. Its still ok to make music that makes people think, makes people feel. It’s ok to be creative. Be an individual.”
Porche has released two mixtapes thus far. His latest being titled Free Agent. This was the first time he did everything on his own. He wrote, produced and rapped on this mixtape. His next mixtape should be out in mid January. There is no title as of yet but the music is coming along stupendously. This mixtape is not like his previous work because he is aiming for a more fun approach. With his previous work he was a little bit more serious, but his goal for this mixtape is to give people something they can have fun to. What Porche says about this mixtape is, “I want to show people I can have fun and still be creative.”
In the future Matt Porche sees himself somewhere in the music industry. If he happens to not be on the artist side of things he sees himself on the business side. Maybe as and A&R, business manager or maybe even working in public relations. Regardless of what the future holds for Matt Porche, one thing is for certain he will be around music.

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  • This is an informative article. I believe that Matt Porsche is on the right track, and will continue to succeed as long as he stays consistent. As far this post goes, it may be a little too long. It was more of a bio, and I lost interest after the third paragraph. Others may not feel the same, but as stated in “Mastering The Art of The 5 Minute Presentation,” a short article can better with keeping the audiences attention. This especially applies to new artists. Maybe a link to his reverberation, Facebook, or myspace page (that has his bio) would have helped. Other than that, you've done a great job.


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