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Nate Charga: An In Charge Entertainer

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Nate Charga has been involved with the music industry for over 10 years. He started writing at the very young age of 11, but it wasn’t until he was 16 that he really started to get into the music scene. He has worked with several different artists in Broward County and Miami area. He has also started Charga Entertainment. In the beginning it started off small with mainly just DJs and has become an empire. Charga Entertainment is well known throughout Broward and is quickly expanding. Charga spends much of his time working on his music and finding ways to expand Charga ENT.
He draws inspiration from many different artists some of which were mentioned in the interview. Some other artist he is inspired by include Dr.Dre, Michael Jackson, Barry Gordy, The Temptations, Wu Tang Clan, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Dipset, Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Gucci Mane. Charga has several mix tapes and projects out right now and in the works.  His latest mix tape will be dropping on February 14th, 2013 so be on the lookout for that.
As mentioned in the future Nate Charga wants to achieve greatness. If he keeps this motivation and work ethic without a doubt he will achieve his goals.

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