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Cashis Stone: A Therapeutic Artist

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Cashis Stone is an artist based out of the Miami area. He is part of Certified ENT and is currently working on his album called The Black and White LP which is scheduled to drop June 16, 2013. He also has an upcoming show on March 23rd, 2013 at the Archives store. So of course be on the look out for that. After dropping his album he is planning a tour throughout Florida.

He came form humble beginnings but always knew he wanted to make music a career and not just a hobby. Cashis Stone likes to experiment with different genres of  music which is why he considers himself an artist and not just a rapper.

Cashis Stone is one of those rare artist who expresses himself through his music and always tells a story. His goal is to make it big in New York some day but first he has to graduate. The way that Cashis describes his musical inspiration is by saying, “My fans are my therapist.”

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