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{New Music} E.P Review: Ivory By: StonedWhiteElephant

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StonedWhiteElephant is a multi-talented artist. He incorporates drums, piano, rhymes and synths into his music. He makes alternative Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and Jazz. He is definitely a breath of fresh air on the Miami scene.


Where do I begin with this E.P. Well from the beginning of course. The intro goes in hard. As does the next record off the E.P. Next is “Viva la Struggle” sounds like a personal track. The beat is slower than the first two and talks about a particular situation.  The “Fucked Up Interlude” was about love. “Lesbian Bitch” has a dark slower beat to it but is definitely an interesting track. In “Letter” we get to hear some Spanish love sayings.

Next up is “Lemons” which touches base on society in general. It talks about religion, the personas we keep up, and inner struggles. “Mommy’s Song” is about the relationship he has with his mother. It is such a nice song and shows how much his mother has been there and all that she has done. The last song is titled “You Know” and is the perfect way to end the E.P. He leaves us with something to look forward to.


Link to E.P.:



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