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{New Music} Mixtape Review: Celestial Offerings By: O.B

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O.B is described as one of the leaders of the group M.O.B.Stars  He brings energy and helps the group to stay motivated.  This mixtape was a project he decided to work on in the summer of 2012 after being released from jail.  He drew inspiration from everything he had been going through at the time and serves as an offering to “Allah.”

The first two songs are fast paced and are high-energy songs. Then we start to slow down.  I would definitely say that O.B reminds me of Nas with his style and voice.  Every beat is very celestial. I feel like I’m in space. “Deliverance” went hard on all levels. “Fraudulence” was a little odd.  Not quite sure what was going on there. Next up we have “Party and Bullshit,” which is not your typical party song, it actually goes a little deeper and makes you think about what we really want from partying.

We continue the slow pace with a love song titled “Suddenly.”  The female feature on “Sustenance” takes the song over the top.  “Autumn in the City” was a very deep track; O.B takes on a trip into his deep thoughts.  And right when you think it’s over we get a Bonus track.  This track is a good way to end the mixtape because it is a group track and you get to hear each members’ unique style on it.

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