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Sex, Music & Demons Vol. 2 by Untamed

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album vol2

Untamed from Miami FL drops Sex Music & Demons as a promotional mixtape free to download. Its meaning is that those are the holy trinity of the music industry sex is what they sell the music they use to brain wash you and the demons that take control once you fall victim to the plan. Different songs speak on fighting off demons and just great music; it blends the genres of Hip Hop Dubstep & Rock. It consists of original pieces produced by Omen Phaze (Soundcloud) as well as remixes. (Provided by Untamed)

1.Chruches Chicken Biscuit- I could not think of a better introduction for this tape. The first verse is too fast for me to even go in depth with the lyrics, but I absolutely love the delivery and lines in the second verse.

2. Acid Rap Freestyle- This song touches base on a lot of real life sometimes-controversial topics. The song is well structured and also has a hopeful message.

3. Out of my Mind- lol, I love the beginning of this song. I feel like I just woke up from an epic ass night. There is an interesting change toward the end, almost sounds like a snippet of another song….

4. Rap God Remix- This is definitely not what I expected from the title. I expected it to be the “Rap God” beat but it ended up being a sample, which definitely allows Untamed to show what he’s capable of on the song.

5. Killer Instinct- Not sure what to say about this song. I like it even though it’s not my style but I really have no words. I was reminded of a Gorillaz song at one point though.

6. Skater Life- The song is as it suggests all about the skater life. I feel like going downtown and cruising around on a skateboard while jamming to this song. I definitely love the feature, really adds to the concept of the song.

7. Crack Music- The beat sounds epic as it starts out and then here comes Untamed to kill the game, I mean song. Untamed definitely makes that “Crack Music”

8. Drugs- This song makes me feel like I’m on drugs at a techno club. But Untamed does say he isn’t selling he just smoking.

9. Verse Shoot To Kill- The lyrics are on point but the beat is too dark and twisted for my taste. I imagine being in a vampire movie where there are hunters with weapons to try and kill the vampires. That’s how this song makes me feel. “I can’t believe you would come test me.”

10. First Blood- Dubstep style beat is on point. The singer definitely brings a softer tone to the song.

11. Looking Ass Hoes- Untamed talks about how typical hoes are nowadays. They think they hot shit but in reality you’re just another hoe. Just tryna use guys as much as possible because they can’t take care of they dam self.

12. All Gold Everything Freestyle- Favorite lines from the song are dedicated to the record labels who don’t pay attention to the underground. You tell em Untamed!!

13. New Slaves- Untamed hits on social topics about how the media controls our thoughts, actions and dreams. “We causing our own genocide”

14. Interlude- This is a mix of songs and verses that Untamed compiled. I def think this is different and I love it.

15. Corrupted Soul- This song definitely touches base on some important topics so take a listen for yourself.

16. Niggas Aint Nothing- Untamed touches base on how much shit people talk when they aren’t anyone of importance. The song is a little different for me, not in a bad way of course.

17. Reality Check- Life in the hood. Everyday a kid dies and we wonder why. Are we doing anything to change that or are we just so numb to it? The beat also makes you feel gloomy to match the topic.

18. Witching Hour Freestyle- Listen for yourself. Freestyle can’t be music

19. Feel So Good- This is a love song but done like only Untamed can. I was jamming during the entire song. This is definitely not your typical love song but that is why I love Untamed.

20. Dirty Diana Dubstep- Groupies, Bus Downs, Thots, Homie Hoppers, “Fans” a.k.a Dirty Dianas. All the girls who’re backstage trying to get with an artist and get famous, this song is for you. The things girls will do for a taste of fame.

21. Come Over- The story of a girl Untamed admires from afar. He sees the pain he sees in her eyes. The only way he can ease her pain is if she comes over.

22. What the Water Gave Me Dubstep Remix- Untamed isn’t overpower the song with lyrics but yet the song gets the meaningful point across.

23. Dubstep Cypher Part 2- Untamed was not lying when he said save the best for last. There s such a unique and complimentary compilation of artists on this cypher. My jaw dropped.

Untamed is such a different and fresh artist that sometimes I am at loss for words. There are moments when I don’t connect with a song and others where I am in awe that there is such good music being overlooked. Untamed is definitely one of those rare gems in the underground and I hope more than anything that he is discovered.


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