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Enfluence: Under the Influence

This week Melly Starzhas the chance to be the first to interview and talk to Enfluence about his new mixtape title Under the Influence. This is debut as an artist under Full Pound Records. He is mainly featuring artist from his label but also has a couple of surprise features in store. He has been working on the project for about five months now and will not release it until it is perfect. A lot of the inspiration for the music on the mixtape stems from life stories, not always his personal stories. His goal with his music to make something that people can relate to. The mixtape will feature several songs based on relationships as well as club bangers. Piggy backing off of the title of the mixtape Enfleunce says, “I really took the title of the mixtape to really influence you in what ever the listener is feeling at the time of listening to the songs.”
 He was recently featured on one of his label mates’ mixtapes. They did a song together titled “No Strings” which Geminidecided to feature on his mixtape. The song is a relationship song and it is a situation that many people are all too familiar with.
Enfluence grew up surrounded by music but did not take it seriously until about a year and a half ago because of Young Focus. They had been childhood friends and Focus has had a major influence in Enfluence’s career. He was the one who really pushed Enfluence to start making music and using his overwhelming talents. His father was also a musician along with many of his friends. Throughout his life he has been a writer so the transition into music was an easy one
Even though his mixtape has an RnB and Hip Hop vibe, he is very interested in trying different genres of music. He is a fan of music in general so he has a wide array of musical inspiration. Some artist he is inspired by Baby Face, Usher, Chris Brown, and The Weeknd. When it comes to Hip Hop artist such as Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Jay-z inspires him.
When it comes to his stage name, Enfluence, he came up with it because his entire life music has always influenced him in some way. He feels that when he makes music he wants it to influence people the same way he has been influenced throughout his life. This is the same concept he has for his debut mixtape.
In the future, Enfluence just wants to be making music, building a bigger fan base and really getting his name out there. He knows that the music will only open doors to bigger and better things.  He would love to work with The Weeknd, Drake, Jay-z and Nas. When it comes to artists who aren’t legends, he would love to work with J. Peguero and Uncut Diamonds (who he is getting ready to work with). Regardless of what the future has in store for Enfluence he knows he will be successful because he is a businessman and will always come out on top.
Enfluence leaves us with a very powerful quote:
“If you’re not shooting for the stars, you don’t want it bad enough.”
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