Artist Promotion

On My Gravestone – Jep Roadie



Let’s start off with the hook and that chorus. WOW! It was done absolutely perfect. From the words to the melody absolute wonderful. I also love the musical references made during the hook. The song has a melancholy theme and lyrics. It was beautifully done. During the verses he seems to be talking to someone special about life. It almost sounds like a good bye song in which you get your closure and move on. In the end he leaves us with a heart felt message.


O.M.G Artwork-2


“I have grown up a lot over the last year. I’m over the bullshit. You wont catch me “turning up”. I do mostly everything in moderation. I cut my drinking down to almost 0. Transitioned from several blunts a day to a bowl pack or two. Stopped smoking cigarettes, thank the lord. As life became better, I became more restless. There is a continuous feeling of impending doom. A feeling of un-fulfillment. We will never know when we are going to die. I learned to face it. Some of us never really live. I am not scared of dying. I am afraid of dying before I can leave my legacy. I am afraid that the people I care about will suffer. I am afraid of not being there for them. I am afraid of dying and being worthless. I wrote this song to try and cope with that feeling. It didn’t bring me much relief in the long term but when I am listening to the song, I feel my purpose. We all want to know what people really think about us. We all want to be able to come back from the dead and see our impact. Unfortunately, we cannot. But we can write songs that may live forever. I’ll just leave it in the hands of the lord. I’m going to smile til’ I feel alright. Bless.”

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