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What’s in my make up bag?

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I was a late bloomer when it came to wearing make up and am still not the most well-versed when it comes to make up application. However, as everyone else I have my go-to make up.

Note: I think half the world is currently watching the Shane Dawson series which has revealed so many secrets about the make up industry. The series came out after I made this video. Most of this make up I probably won’t use once it runs out.

So let’s get right into it. I have a Kylie Cosmetics make up bag. the classic lips. The bag is spacious but not the most convenient to carry around. It doesn’t keep it’s shape very well.

Starting off we have my setting spray from BH Cosmetics. This is the first setting spray I’ve ever used. I feel sticky most of the day so not sure if that’s a normal thing. It serves it’s purpose though.

Next up is my foundation, Too Faced Warm Beige. Now I am totally appalled by the allegations from the docu series and if true I won’t be supporting the brand anymore. The foundation again serves it’s purpose but feels a bit heavy at times especially in the Florida heat.

My go to pink is Kristen by Kylie Cosmetics. I will say that the lip kits last an entirety. I got this when it first came out but am glad that they sell the lipsticks separately now because I don’t use lip liner at all. Never been my thing.

Brushes are super important and I definitely need to get some more. My brush set is from BH Cosmetics. I had ELF brushes before and can’t say I have a favorite between the two. Any suggestions on the best brushes especially for eye shadow, let me know.

Blending sponges or whatever they’re called are a pain in the ass and wasteful if you ask me. So when I found this little wand thing at Five Below I had to try it out. And….I love it! It’s easy to use and simple to clean.

For my blush and highlighter I went with Kylie Cosmetics. No complaints there at all. Flawless application and it doesn’t feel heavy on your face at all.

Now for my eye-shadow palette. I got the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition for her 21st birthday. I love the colors in the palette and the pigmentation is really good. Now here is where the morality of the palette kills me. Allegedly according to the Shane Dawson docu-series, Kylie Cosmetics palettes cost about 3 to 4 dollars to make and yet she sells them for over $50. As opposed to a Jeffree Star Palette that costs $20 to make and is in a similar price range. Knowing that I’m definitely swaying away from Kylie eye-shadows now. I’m looking forward to trying to get my hands on the new Shane Dawson palette though. I’ll keep you posted because it looks like it will be hard to get.

NYK is one of my favorite cosmetic brands but this eyeliner I got makes my eyes itch. I normally don’t get the pencil style but accidently did this time and had to throw it out because my eyes itch too much. The ELF mascara serves it’s purpose but isn’t the best mascara I’ve had. These were both impulse buys where I steared away from my go-tos. The mascara isn’t chunky or anything like that.

Also from NYK, I have the eyshadow base which I love and when I want my eyeshadow to last all day and stay in place I apply this. Would definitely recommend.

Lastly in my bag is my dark liquid lip Gorg from Kylie Cosmetics. For when I want a got to darker lip. My lip is from the Koko collection.

As you can tell my go to collection needs some work. And I’m going to get into this make up thing and take you along for the ride. If you want to collab and help out on this make up journey contact me and let’s get to work.

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