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John Fifth & G DaVinci Vice City

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If I had to describe this project in one word, it would be: Masterful. I might be a little bias because I am a fan and have been for quite a few years now. The album artwork is fitting to the title and is beautifully done. There is truly something for everyone on the album. Take a listen for yourself and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you!

Energy– This was a great song to start the album off with. The chorus is mad catchy and the entire song is very smooth. By the title of the track you can guess what it’s about, keeping the same energy.

On Repeat– Yo, the switch with John Fifth and G DaVinci got me tripping the fuck out. John Fifth drops the Travis line and G DaVinci comes in with the antidote line. It was so flawless. I was legit just jamming and then I heard that transition and my jaw dropped, eyes went wide and I was like wtf. So dope. The message from the overall song is repetition whether it be getting money on repeat etc.

Cuffing Season– So all I’m saying is I want someone to dedicate me this song. They each describe how they girl there for them and all her great qualities. I’ll def be using some of these lyrics as insta captions in the near future.

Gang Fifth– Words fail me on this one but I was jamming the fuck out. I can imagine riding down South Beach with this song even though it’s a hustle style song. “I’m a south Florida baby, can’t change nothing from me.”

Overdue– This is all about the future and what they want. “I wanna make 80 thousand a month” What does your future look like and what are you doing to make that happen?

Starting Fifth– We switch up the flow for this song to show their artistic range. The song is full of quotables including my fav: “Know I never switch up like Nintendo.”

My Wave– If you follow John Fifth or G DaVinci, you know their life is wavy. This is a tiny glimpse into their lifestyle. Are you down to ride their wave? They also added a very fitting sample in the song, did you peep it?

Dripping n Different– I was soooo excited for this song. This duo is definitely dripping and different in everything they do. They are gifted and take their craft seriously. They share some of their backstory for us in this song.

Switch Sides– This song is for all the real ones out there. We run across so many fake people who really ain’t bout it and will switch things up when hit isn’t beneficial to them anymore. There are few of us who don’t switch sides regardless, but some of us grew up with that mentality instilled in us. Can’t speak for those who do switch sides.

Publics Sabor– So first, let’s talk about the title to this song. Throwback to my Publix days and if you live in South Florida you know exactly why the title resonates with me. The only thing off the entire album that I would change is the levels on this song. I struggled to hear DaVinci’s lyrics and they are so relevant to the culture. The entire song has local references throughout so tell me what you caught?

Frame– It’s a break up song or at least a relationship struggle. Having a relationship in the industry is tough and it is so easy for the partner who isn’t in the entertainment industry to frame the creative for the relationship falling apart.

Brindis– We have unfortunately made it to the end of the album….noooooo!! But they end us off with some Spanish rap. It was unexpected but a great way to show off those skills. If you don’t know brindis means toast. Although I’m not a fan of Spanish rap I’m a fan of this song and can see it being played at a family gathering during one of the holidays coming up.

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John Fifth and G DaVinci are true artists and musical creatives and they have taken us on a trip with their new hip hop music release. Finding the right talent to showcase on an underground hip hop blog is no easy feet but it’s hard to ignore projects like this.

If you are an underground hip hop artists and want the chance to be featured send me a submission.


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