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Shah33d Lambo Doors

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Although this song has been out for a while its still making an impact. Most recently with the Lambo Doors challenge, where one lucky winner won $1,000. Shah33d extended a challange where dancers did their best to showcase their creativity. Once all entries were in, we were able to vote for the winner.  Even more news, Lambo Doors has now reached over 200k streams.

Our Thoughts On Lambo Doors

According to Shah33d’s team the song is “An upbeat, street anthem about life becoming better when you decide to cut off negative people.” Let’s take a listen and see if we agree.

I would have to agree with the description given by Shah33d’s team. It’s all about focusing on yourself and your success and not on what everyone else is doing. It also talks about how others like to think they doing shit but really aren’t, it’s all a facade for the gram. Also, let’s talk about the people who beg when they see you succeeding but weren’t anywhere to be found to support you. It has catchy lyrics and shows a juxtaposition of the different characters he describes throughout the track. The delivery is on point with the beat. I can see why this was chosen as a single.

Where to Listen

To see all of the contestants entries and how it all went down head over to Shah33d’s Instagram. You can stream Lambo Doors on all streaming platforms. You can also follow these links to stay up to date on everything Shah33d has going on:


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