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V.E.G.A Freedom

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This week we have New York born rapper V.E.G.A. Off bat, I have a critique on the track list. It looks like it is out of order. The tracks that say intro and outro and definitely not in the intro and outro but throughout the project. At first I thought it was just on one platform but I checked a couple and it’s the same everywhere. So if it was meant to be in a specific order I won’t get the full message behind it. Nevertheless, here we are. Overall, I’m not a fan. There were a couple of good moments throughout the project but overall not what we have grown accustomed to over at the Melly Starz offices. The album screams Hialeah struggle rapper to me without much creativity behind it. Our advice to VEGA is to do your own thing and not ty to be like everyone else. I mean we could be totally wrong and VEGA could be the next platinum selling artist. From his high school track record however I don’t see it unless a lot changes. (yes, we have connects that used to cypher VEGA in high school. That information came after the review was done.) Speaking of review, let’s get into a track by track breakdown of the project.

Thoughts on the Project

1. You Killing Me: This is a struggle song and talks about being in jail, the struggles of trying to support yourself and become something in life. He also mentions the rat race and talks a lot about how people will try to bring your down. He shouts out Hialeah which is unfortunately where I currently reside. No offense but I hate living in Hialeah.

2. Middle Fingeers: So we continue on with the Hialeah shout out to begin this track. VEGA takes us into his background being from the Bronx but being raised in Dade county. I can relate to having to go hard especially down here. Dade isn’t the easiest place to find success especially in the hip hop industry.

3. Freedom (intro): Classic, outplayed phone recording. I am personally not a fan of including “phone calls” in songs or as transitions but I’m sure people do enjoy it.

4. Freedom: The beat starts strong with this one. So far this is the most well done song on the project. Th mixing and mastering is much better than the previous songs. I can bop to this and think this is single material and possibly radio ready. I’ll let you guys bop to this one without giving you much context.

5. Cheese: VEGA feels underrated and he is telling us why he isn’t. Another well done song. Shout out to hip hop for saving so many lives. Without this music shit a lot of us might not be here. It is another song that you can bop to.

6. Dominant (feat Amaan!): This is a more hardcore song. It’s a more gangster themed song. The featured artist adds some flavor to the song. It is also a bit of a longer song coming at around the 5 minute mark. This is due to another skit at the end of song that lasts about a minute.

7. Chain on Drip: The mandatory bragging about fucking bitches and getting money song. VEGA switched up his flow a little bit on this track though which was nice.

8. Western Den (feat Sha L. & Hesaprince): VEGA has a girl in his sights and he wants to know if she a thotty or not. Second verse the flow and delivery is dope from the featured artists. Then we go into a continuation of the skit we heard in the previous track.

9. Trust Nobody (feat Hesaprince): The title tells you everything you need to know about the song. Always stay strapped and watch your back. Ain’t no friends in this industry or in life for that matter. Everyone talks a good game but who really comes through for you? I like the melodies at the end. A nice addition to the song.

10. On Paper (feat Misled Rilla): Make sure everything on paper. Solid advice for everything you do in life. Misled Rilla spits fire here as well with his rasp and delivery.

11. We came up (feat Hesaprince, Amaan! & Daniel Few): When you struggle the come up ain’t easy. When you make it though, nothing feels better than to show yo mama some appreciation for everything you put her through. I really like this song as well. If I could mak legit music I’d love to do a track like this.

12. V.E.G.A Alcoholic (feat Hesaprince): We all struggle with addiction, illness or substance abuse. Sometimes life gets to be a bit much that we need to escape. If you let it get to you, you can lose everything you worked to get. This is a super relatable song. The melodies also add a special touch to it.

13. Freedom (Outro): This is a poetic interlude over a piano. Gave me some goosebumps until we were rudely interrupted by the engineer tryna get back to work. It was……interesting??

14. El Capitan: A wannabe strip club song. All about fucking bitches and being famous. He’s allegedly the captain of the ship of all these hoes he has. I think I spaced out a couple times while listening to this song. I think he should have let the album end on the outro. This song was an unnecessary addition.

Want More?

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