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T Sams Insufficient Funds

This week T Sams drops his project Insufficient Funds. Originally from the Jersey City hood, he started writing at 7 and recorded his first song at 15. So let’s get into the breakdown of the project.

  1. Insufficient Funds: Let’s get right to it then. The struggle is real and you have to do what you have to do to get out of the cycle of not having shit. When you following your dreams there’s no time for anything. Totally relatable, I’ve been there far too many times but never again.
  2. Humble Beginnings: As a continuation of the first song, T Sams touches on how difficult it is to be in the hood. How shitty the system is when it comes to getting a job, and having to make the choice to do something illegal or keep trying to stay the straight and narrow. This song gives me Lupe Fiasco vibes for some reason. He adds a special something to the end of the track that you just have to listen to yourself.
  3. Look at you: This song talks about how people say they’re there for you but be squeamish in reality. The only person who gon go for you is you. Even when you give someone else a chance what do they do with it? Fail you?
  4. Splurging: We work to splurge doesn’t get realer than that. Ain’t nothing wrong with splurging a bit when you work your ass off.
  5. Niggas Ain’t Shit: Break up song, but from the title I wasn’t sure what to expect. I like how he puts this girl in her place. Girls are quick to jump and say that niggas ain’t shit but fail to look at what the relationship actually was. It’s a fun twist to this all too common phrase. I like how T Sams did that.
  6. Up to something: Shots fired! No like literally, there was a shot fired to start the track. T Sams goes hard on this track about his grind and what he’s really about. He wants to put everyone on in his own way.
  7. Plan B: The beat is very smooth to finish off the album. He speaks on never having a plan b. I fuck with it because when you have a plan b you subconsciously set yourself up to fail because you know you have something to fall back on. Like T Sams says you have to make your own way. I love how the song ends as well. Very smooth way to send us off.

Want More?

I think the project was a great introduction to T Sams and what he has to offer the music industry. As long as he keeps it up, he can only improve his delivery and artistry. I look forward to hearing more and seeing how T Sams continues to cultivate his craft. If you have become a fan and want to hear more check out the following links. The project just dropped on streaming platforms so let’s show some love on new music Friday.

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