Artist Promotion

Rory: The Journey

Rory comes from the birthplace of rap; New York. Will his follow up project live up to the New York hype? Find out below as we delve into the project, track by track.

Our Thoughts on The Journey

  1. Time: The delivery is a bit off for me. Rory speaks clearly and the lyrics make sense but the delivery can use some work. It is meant to be an inspirational song. I can see what he was trying to accomplish with the chorus but the delivery is what throws the entire song off.
  2. Turn the Volume Up: Similar critique as above with the delivery. The track is upbeat and aimed towards the club scene. The beat aligns to make this a potential club anthem.
  3. Looking for Revenge: This track has a feature on it, the delivery is good for the Cardiff Brothers. Lyrics are on point as they have been on previous tracks. Rory tries his hand at spitting faster here and it works. You can understand everyone clearly.
  4. How Could you Leave Me: I can see that Rory is trying to show his versatility by adding a break up song. Again the delivery is off which takes away from the lyrics and the song. I want to connect to the song, we have all been through heartbreak but having a hard time.

Final Thoughts

The biggest take away is that Rory has a bit of work to do when it comes to delivery and the inflections of his voice. He has the lyrics and concepts down, just needs to work on that delivery. We think if he does that things will change drastically with his music. We did enjoy how Rory provided a comprehensive look into what he has to offer by providing various song styles. Looking forward to hearing more in the future once some tune ups have been made.

Want more?

If you want to hear more from Rory and stay posted on his journey check out these links:






Rory’s Website:

As well as the link to stream “The Journey”

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