Artist Advice

Artist Advice: CC vs BCC when emailing media outlets

In this episode of the artist advice series we discuss the difference between CC and BCC on emails. Some artists reach out to various bloggers and media outlets by using a mailing list. That is not the major issue, the issue ensues when every single outlet is copied and can reply to each other. This can cause chaos to see the least. Cc is carbon copy while Bcc is blind carbon copy.

CC is best used when the parties on the email know each other and need to be provided the information contained within the email. BCC is best used when all parties need the information, do not need to know each other and do not need to reply to each other. You can use both in an email, none or just one. It all depends on the topic and content contained within the email.

Stay tuned every other week for a new advice video for artists. You can see the videos first over on my Youtube channel. Let us know what topics you want discussed in this series. What are some common issues you face when getting your music out there?

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