Artist Promotion

Chronicle Saturday

This week we take it to my hometown with Chicago based artist Chronicle. He brings us a 10 track album titled Saturday. You can stream the album on Spotify or right here:

So let’s get right into the track by track breakdown and our overall thoughts.

What we thought of the project

  1. Clarity: The first minute of this song is a lot of harmonizing and reminds me a bit of an old Evanescence song. Yes, that is a major throwback and probably ages me a bit lol. The song then picks up and Chronicle gives us a faraway flow. It is a smooth track.
  2. Noname: This song is a must listen off the project. I can’t find the words to describe how unique and deep it is.
  3. Say Goodbye Before You Go: This song is a bit different than the previous two and really showcases Chronicle’s vocal range. It is a beautiful ballad to an former love.
  4. Scuba Diver: This track is funky and I want more.
  5. Mush: This is more of an interlude at only about 45 seconds. It is smooth.
  6. Smoke: Trippy nights out is what this song is all about. It’s a bit of a blur.
  7. Staying Home: Pianos and poetry about Chicago cut me deep. I have literal goosebumps and watery eyes. Way to get me in the feels and missing home.
  8. Small Talk: 30 second guitar riff with few words.
  9. Orchard: I wish I had more to say about this track but there weren’t many words. It seems Chronicle is a man of few words but when he speaks they are meaningful.
  10. Saturday: OOh the RnB vibes are heavy on this one.

Final Thoughts

Chronicle is a rare gem with a unique sound. I was not expecting that from a younger artist. His talent is undeniable, I just wish his songs were a bit longer. That is literally my only complaint is that I want more. Chronicle is an old soul and I added much of this album to my personal collection of music.

If you enjoyed Chronicle’s Saturday, follow him on Instagram for more music. Sending love to all Chicago artists and looking forward to more from Chronicle. If you have a project you want featured on one of the top hip hop blog sites send an email over to or head over to our contact us page.

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