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JuztKP Spaceship

JuztKP is a powerhouse emcee from Durham, North Carolina. He uses an infusion of rap, jazz, and soul in his music to create thought provoking and masterful sounds. He is not your average emcee by any means. JuztKP has performed at A3C Festival, Packaplooza, SXSW & more. He has released 8 projects through the years with his latest Full Moon Bloom. Off of this project JuztKP has now brought us the visuals to his song ‘Spaceship’.


First, let’s get into the song without adding on the visual component. The song makes you wonder when a spaceship will come take us away. He talks about various struggles we all face on a daily basis. But there is hope for us some day, at least we think there is. I love the piano towards the end, it truly feels like you are leaving the world for just a second. And just like that JuztKP reminds us to keep our head up and hopefully one day someone will send us a spaceship.


Although I was privy to a sneak peak prior to the final draft of the music video I am still seeing it for the first time so to speak. Drafts and snippets never truly capture the piece as a whole. JuztKP is known for his high quality visuals like those on Black Soul and School Supplies. The anticipation is high so let’s see the final video.

The video follows a young neighborhood kid who seems to be sneaking around KP’s workshop. KP catches him and tells him to keep it on the low. Our young kid stays outside just watching KP go in and out of the workshop. We finally see what he’s been working on and it’s a spaceship. Our young protagonist isn’t convinced by mad scientist KP that it will work. IT WORKS!!! The spaceship works but it doesn’t come back down. We still get to witness the journey. Our mad scientist KP decides he’s going to make another one but our neighborhood kid decides to sit this one out.

The video is perfect. It fits the song well and is of the highest quality. It is fun and compels us to follow our dreams no matter how crazy they seem.

Where to Find JuztKP

JuztKP is a one of a kind gem in the music industry and I know he will go far. He interestingly enough has decided to pursue music and the creative full time now and I can’t wait to see what he will get into next. If you are just as hype check out all of his social media pages below:

Also, head over to his website for all the latest news and releases.

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