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Vampsidenorman A Westside Love Story

Let’s head on over to Las Vegas for an interesting new artist. So, if you know Melly Starz, you know Kendrick Lamar is in her top five all time, alongside Kid Cudi and J.Cole. So, having the opportunity to review and promote Grammy award winner Kendrick Lamar and the NBA’s Nick “Swaggy P” Young’s cousin Vampsidenorman is not something I would ever pass up.

Although Vampsidenorman has the cousin connect, he is making his own name in the hip hop scene. He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. His career started with the release of several self-produced mixtapes on Soundcloud, with his 2018 mixtape Grey gathering online buzz and critical acclaim. The buzz caught the attention of Kendrick and lead to a collaboration with Kendrick’s TDE producer Sounwave on the track “Blood Fruit”, track 2 on Vampsidenorman’s debut album a Westsidelovestory (2019).

Thoughts on A Westside Love Story

  1. Sex: The beats is very smooth and sensual. This definitely sounds like a baby making track. There aren’t any lyrics but it is still a great way to introduce us to A Westside Love Story.
  2. Blood Fruit: This is all about sex and getting some. I think any fruit that you can use to describe vagina is used. It’s a quirky and fun song.
  3. Bleaches: Here we have another smooth beat, that could very well be added to a dramatic ocean scene on a hit show or movie.
  4. Hell’s Party: Vampsidenorman spits on this track. He gets his point across quickly and effectively. We get a peak at what type of lyricism he is aiming for here.
  5. Girls and Anxiety: I can tell Vampsidenorman is a bit on the darker side of the rap scene. Although not my style I can respect it. This song is a trippy wave that I feel is best consumed in a night club, at least that is how I envision it.
  6. Dr4culas Legend: This track is where you get to see his true abilities, and…. Vampsidenorman is in his own lane for sure. Not in a bad way. I like that we can hear his voice and how he delivers his lyrics and puts his emotion into his craft.
  7. The Fledgling Season: A dark and twisty love song is the best way I can describe this track.
  8. 3 AM: Take a late night dive into Vampsidenorman’s thoughts. He is coming for what is his but in a smooth way.
  9. Too Much Alcohol: He starts with a faraway delivery and then he gets us. He mentions how Vegas is but not the one we see on TV, the real one.
  10. Claymore: The last 30 seconds, he just gives an emotion filled verse.

More About Vampsidenorman

Vampsidenorman is truly in a league of his own. His music has a dark and twisty vibe to it. I get some XXXtentacion feels but Vampsidenorman is like no other. I can see why he has Vamp in is name because the sounds are vampiric. I am very intrigued to see where his career takes him. No doubt he is a rising star with a very distinctive sound. There were a couple of places where I felt the reverb was a bit distracting but other than that Vampsidenorman did great on this project. The album flows well and song placement is well done. He knows his niche and isn’t scared to make his own lane.

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