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AARON JAMES Romeo & Juliet

 Today let’s travel around the world to Sydney, Australia to check out indie artist Aaron James. Aaron James had a major re-brand back in November of 2019 when he decided to branch out of his previous work and build a platform that speaks to the people. He hopes to spread the message of love, truth and internal struggle.

His focus now, is on releasing a new song every month for the next two years. The schedule is ‘Clouds Like’ dropping April 20th, ‘They Don’t Know’ on May 28th, followed by Militarytory and Cadillac in the months after. But first, he is introducing us to ‘Romeo & Juliet’ which dropped on March 27th.

The song is intended to express love towards not only a significant other but also the love of hip-hop. He uses a stripped back production style and intimate lyrics to do just that. So, let’s take a listen and see if we agree.

Thoughts on Rome & Juliet


The song starts fun, then the beat drops and we get into Aaron’s rough and tough deepness. There are various beat and stylistic changes throughout the song but it all works. The third verse slows down a bit and then we get into the hype beat again. This is unlike anything I’ve heard before but I can’t get enough. I haven’t even touched based on the lyrics yet. With all of the various influxes in the beat, you would think it would be impossible to get an appropriate read of the music but the picture is clear. The title of the song is definitely grilled into your head along with the theme of loving hip hop and a significant other. The delivery was flawless on the beat. Aaron James has a unique ability to match his voice perfectly to the beat whether it be by changing the tone or the style.

Head over to Sydney and find Aaron James

Romeo & Juliet is not your typical hip hop love song and shows a different side of Aaron James compared to his other song Catch 22. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on this Sydney artist and see where his career takes him.If you love the song and want to head on the two year musical journey with Aaron James, check out these links:
Aaron Linktre (find everything here)






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