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Frank Murry New To You

Let’s head over to Maryland for independent hip-hop artist Franko Murry. He is a rapper, producer and songwriter who began his musical career at the age of 13. He released his first mixtape titled “D.O.P.E.” back in 2014 and has been consistent with his musical releases since then. He is known for his lyricism and ability to harmonize effortlessly.

Franko Murry shares his latest EP “New To You” which is available to stream everywhere music is available. The reaction thus far has been positive with fans saying they are “captivated by Franko Murry’s smooth voice, his gift of storytelling and his energetic delivery”.

Thoughts on ‘New To You’

Thoughts on the Project

  1. Awake: This is a song you listen to during a smoke session. It discusses the basic chill vibe topics: sex, drugs and women. Franko has a deep, low voice. It’s on the longer end when it comes to songs.
  2. Worth It: I had a hard time with this song. The piano overpowers Franko to a point where it is distracting. I believe it discusses beef and how most of the time it isn’t worth it. If you could hear Franko I think the song would be great and showcase his lyricism.
  3. Thuggin: Franko talks about his thuggin ways on this track. He mentions allowing others to underestimate you and then you shock them with what you really about. It’s a real street song and his delivery is precise on this one. The levels are also on point.
  4. Vault: Franko takes us to a house which I’m going to assume is meant to be a trap house. Cinematgraphy is on par and the visual effects match the intended message. The mini animations throughout really give the video an extra oomph. I enjoyed this song and video the most from the EP. It showed Franko’s charismatic personality and delivery. The song expresses putting in work in the vault. The video also shows that you don’t need multiple locations and sets to make a great video.

5. Jelly: The song is about people being jealous. He had a few more locations on this video than the previous one. The costume design was fun along with a few animations throughout. He also gave us footage of him performing which gave us an idea of what we can expect at one of his shows. I was pleasantly surprised at his abbreviation of the word jealous into Jelly.

Franko Murry has a low tone gritty style of rap that aims to show us his life. He adds enticing and simplistic visuals to get his message across to his audience. I’m looking forward to seeing him evolve musically in the future. I think he is on the right track.

Want to stay up to date on Frank Murry? Check out these links to learn more about his background, follow him on social media and most importantly listen to his music.
Bio, Music links, Social Media:@FrankoMurry –
Spotify:”New To You” EP –
YouTube:Franko Murry YouTube –

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