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Lil Guillotine No Thanks

Last month Lil Guillotine teamed up with MC Sole to release a song critiquing the Democratic primary election. Their goal with the song is to show the need for grassroots organizations and for real lasting change.

“Lil Guillotine, known for helping revive images of the guillotine as a means for achieving political goals is also an organizer with the Madison General Defense Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World and the large mutual aid project going on in Madison, WI in response to the Covid-19 quarantine. MC Sole, known for his militant revolutionary anarchist music and podcast, the Solecast, is described as having “…long been hailed as a pioneer of underground avant-garde rap” by Noisey, Music by Vice.”

According to their team ‘“No Thanks” is a refreshing reprieve from the seemingly non-stop onslaught of duopoly apologist “vote blue no matter who” messaging as well as “Bernie will save us” rhetoric coming from the center-left that was inescapable pre-pandemic. Laying down heavy critiques of putting faith for lasting and impactful systemic change in the Democratic party in hip hop lyrical form, the duo even offer helpful alternatives and actionable items for folks to invest time and energy in that they argue would be more effective than canvassing for the second most enthusiastic political party of the capitalist class, the Democrats.’ 

Listen to it here.

Thoughts on the Song

I feel that they made a statement against the democratic party and the government in general. I have to agree that the agenda that was being pushed of “Vote blue no matter what” isn’t the best. The last two election seasons they got it wrong because they didn’t listen to the people. Things won’t change until we, as the people, push for that change. I also think that the republican party needs to have some more criticism in the song. The issues are not within one party but the entire system. Until that is acknowledged and criticized by everyone nothing will get done. It will continue to be “party vs party”.

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