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Shi$e Foe Slide

Let’s head over to one of my favorite vacation destinations; New York. Shi$e F.O.E was born and raised in the New York hip hop environment. Some of his musical influences include Jay-Z, Biggie, and Fabolous. Shi$e developed an early appreciation for the craft and began his music career as a member of the F.O.E. Boyz. During his 6-year tenure with the group, their biggest single, “Upgrade,” enjoyed moderate success and reached #43 on the Urban Music charts. 

Shi$e has since focused his efforts as a solo artist and making more dynamic music based on his tribulations and personal experiences. Shi$e has collaborated with Harlem native, Dave East on the single “Drako.” He has also collaborated with legendary emcee and his lyrical mentor, Jadakiss, on the single “Dirty Money.”

With the success of his solo efforts, Shi$e F.O.E. is currently producing a short film titled after his brand, Traffikka. The short film features original songs from Shi$e and marks his acting debut. His brand, Traffikka, is all about trafficking your ideas, talent, and lifestyle from city-to-city and state-to-state. Through Traffikka, it is Shi$e’s vision to connect with his fans, inspire other creatives, and be an example for the youth.

Shi$e F.O.E has an extensive musical background. It will be interesting to see how he continues to thrive as a solo artist starting with his latest single “Slide”.

The Song

Shi$e has a painful and raspy voice. You can hear his musical influences and extensive experience come through on this song. He uses pop culture references throughout the song to capture the listener. I also like the use of the word slide and how he accentuates it. In Miami, slide is used as a term to see if you will be going to an event. Such as “You gon slide to the club tonight?” In Shi$e’s version, it is used as a sneak attack of sorts. “I heard that they gon slide on me”. It is an interesting contrast to how I am accustomed to hearing the word. The video gives an additional layer to the message. Take a listen to the song with this link and read ahead to see our thoughts on the video.

Single Link ::

The Video

Per his team, Harlem native Shi$e Foe, delivers the motion picture-esque visual to his latest single “Slide”. Shi$e delivers an ominous glimpse into the world of the hustle while offering a hard-hitting preview of an upcoming track produced by Yung Lan.

I would have to agree with his team as far as the motion picture-esque visuals. There are major New York vibes and the video is twice as long as the actual song to give space to sit with the visual components and get a full picture of the story. The sound effects of wind and ominous sounds, etc are masterful. The sneak peak of Yung Lan is also very well done and I am looking forward to seeing more. Slide ends and Yung Lan picks up right where we left off making it one cohesive piece.

Learn More

If you want to learn more and follow this riveting, hip hop artist head over to his social media pages below.

Twitter :: @shisefoe

Instagram :: @shisefoe

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