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Symphonic Set Myself Apart

When you think of Las Vegas, you think about gambling and the strip. Your first thought rarely goes to hip hop. However, today that’s exactly what we are getting into. Let’s meet Symphonic, an openly gay rapper from Detroit who is currently living in Vegas. Symphonic’s team describes the braggadocious rapper as “the definition of “glam trap”, a mixture of lyrical flamboyance, individual freedom and hard-hitting instrumentals.” He finds inspiration everywhere from artists such as Gucci Mane, Blondie, Cardi B, Patti LaBelle and more. His tastes and inspiration are truly one of a kind. Symphonic is completely independent and unsigned and is here to challenge the culture.

Set Myself Apart

Symphonic describes this record as “a club anthem that is meant for the person who knows they’re confident and knows that individuality is the key to being successful. It’s meant to make you dance and feel good. It’s meant to make you believe that being you is your greatest gift.”

Let’s take a listen and see what we think. Here is the link to the song, which you can listen to on all streaming platforms.

I can automatically hear the musical influences and Detroit vibes from the first second. This song is all about knowing you’re the shit and owning it. Symphonic is definitely blessed with the talent and flow. He has no problem setting himself apart and letting you know exactly who he is. This is a banger to say the least. The production value is on ten. The delivery is impeccable. My favorite line is “Niggas know I bring the light like I’m glowing in the dark.” The way Symphonic described the song is exactly how I feel after listening to it once and even after the 5th time listening to it.

Sympho with the Info

Symphonic is breaking the mold with his personality and musical style. I was pleasantly surprised with the song. It gives me prime time hip hop vibes and is nothing like the ignorant hip hop that is so rampantly taking over at the moment. This song may be my new anthem because I feel like the confident bitch that I was meant to be. Like what you heard, head over the follow links to get more info on Symphonic and all of his endeavors.

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