Let’s Pause

The world is literally on fire at the moment and they say the show must go on but in this case I think we all need to pause for a second. The show cannot go on at the moment. I have made the easy decision to pause ALL projects for the time being. I do not take being part of the hip hop community lightly and I have witnessed racism in my own life. I’ve dated many black men in my life and with my own eyes seen racial discrimination with police, at the workplace, in school etc. Many times had I not been there, the situation would have escalated. I may go in depth on my experiences at some point but now is not the time to make this about me.

Now is the time to fight for real, lasting change in the world. I am with the fight and I hope you understand why I’ve made this decision. When the dust settles and we begin to rebuild, I will be here to review and promote your music again. But for now, we need to focus on justice for all black men and women.

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