Artist Promotion

Litface Lie2me

LITFACE is a 3 man music group who has built themselves from the ground up. The group has an emcee, a singer and a producer, whom combined create an unstoppable force. They do not conform to gene norms and take pride in their completely original sound.

Thought on Lie2Me

The delivery of the chorus on the song has the same style as Travis Scott’s Goosebumps. I like the first verse and what it talks about. It’s all about getting with a girl. I like the transition from singing to rapping. They picky backed off each other flawlessly. You can listen to the song on Spotify by checking out this link:

They also have a lyric video for you to check out which is very creative and fun. You’re able to connect with the song on an even deeper level by singing along to the lyrics.

Want More?

It’s an overall bop and you can definitely jam to it. If you like what you heard, follow the links below to stay up to date with Litface and all of their music.





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