Artist Promotion

Bamis Come My Way

Today we have a new release from a previously featured artist Bamis.

Listen Here

Bamis’ team describes the song as Bamis explaining that the music journey requires sacrifices. So for example, if he hangs out with someone it doesn’t necessarily mean they will ever see each other again. We cannot buy more time. This is the 1st song off his upcoming R&B EP.

Thought on the Song

The song is a new classic R&B song. I was not fond of the voice effects on the second verse. It sounded too dark for such an upbeat song. I love the chorus and it definitely has quotability. You will have this song on replay and I can see some couples dedicating the song to each other. I am looking forward to the EP and hearing more music.

Want More?

To find out more about Bamis, including his shows, music, videos and bio check out this link  Plus d’information

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