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Eva Shaw, Kris The Spirit, Dillan Ponders BOP

Heading over to Canada today we meet the 3 artists who came together to create “BOP”, a punk rock meets hip hop track. So lets get right into it.

Thoughts on BOP

I can see the rock and hip hop fusion immediately. The delivery is unmatched and the lyrical content is up there as well. The track is alternative hip hop but can still be seen in the mainstream. My favorite line

is “fuck on me,i’m a starfish”. Overall, I enjoyed the song and would say it is a bop. There has been quite a bit of music coming from Canada as of late and it is interesting to see what Canada has to offer the hip hop scene.

About Eva Shaw,Dillan Ponders & Kris the $pirit

Want to know more about the trio, check out their press release

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“BOP was born when 3 Canadian artists (Eva Shaw, DillanPonders & Kris the $pirit) came together to make a heavy, aggressive banger. Eva’s “punk rock meets hiphop” beat inspired Kris to write about a wild night out. He describes it as, “I’m just vibing with my guys” and “Letting hating ass dudes know we are off limits. Feeling like we’re untouchable.” 

After success as a part of the duo “The Posterz” in Montreal, Kris is now on his own and decided to experiment with producer Eva Shaw to branch out his sound and push his boundaries even further. 

Coming off a string of successful releases on her own label Mad Fatti, with millions of streams, and remixes for Rihanna and Fifth Harmony in the Billboard #1 dance slot, Eva continues to branch out to work with more unique artists. The producer connected with DillanPonders in Toronto through their mutual love for a wide range of music and decided to add him to her banging demo with Kris the $pirit.

From being homeless to being named one of XXL’s “10 Canadians to Know”, Dillanponders brings a unique sound and larger than life persona to the music scene, and definitely to this track. 

All 3 artists are constantly pushing boundaries in their music. Boasting strong Spotify editorial support with playlists like Hip Hop Central, Northern Bars, New Music Friday, hiphop favorites, Hot Rhythmic, Fresh Finds: Hip Hop, and radio play on major stations like Flow935 Toronto and Hot97 NYC, as well as support from blogs/magazines such as Complex, XXL, Nylon, Vice and many more. BOP is the jam when you want to let it all out and put your middle finger up to the system. This is YOUR BOP.”

You can follow them at the following links:

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