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Cubgod Save The World

Let’s head over to Los Angeles and meet Cubgod who is tired— aren’t we all—tired of the lack of change, tired of waiting and being fed up to the point where you finally decide to take action. The song is titled “Save the World”.

Thoughts on “Save the World”

This is a very interesting track, it has some rock vibes incorporated. Cubgod speaks on various topics including renewable resources which is definitely different. His message is clear, we all have to do something because the people who are supposed to be making changes and saving the world aren’t doing their jobs. I was not fond of the delivery in the last 30 seconds or so. It didn’t seem to fit in well with the rest of the song.

Cubgod Bio (Provided by Cubgod)

Cubgod is the experimental hip-hop project of Los Angeles native Aaron Silverstein. The project began in mid-2019 when he began making original beats for local artists and friends, then quickly decided to add his own vocals to the tracks to capture the exact feeling he was looking for. His first official release was “We Ain’t Friends No More,” the lead single off his debut EP, “7 Mondays A Week.”  

Want More?

Cubgod has a very niche sound with a strong message. It will be interesting to see where the rest of his music goes. We do have to give props to him for touching on topics that aren’t the most popular. If you want to follow Cubgod on his musical journey head over to Instagram.

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