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Complex ‘Where We Came From’

Hip Hop is one of the most significant genres of music because it keeps on giving. Each artist comes with a completely new angle, and it is what makes it such an exciting space. New to the scene is Complex. He has a knack for creating meaningful releases and his latest track ‘Where We Came From’ follows suit. 

The singer/ rapper is not trapped in his youth and is not being held back by it, but he remembers it well. He knows that the reason he is where he is today is due to the upbringing he had. It wasn’t always easy though with Complex outlining what it was like growing up in the neighbourhood he did. He sings with emotion, and the best tracks are those where you can really feel what the artist is saying, he does that here. I could not help but find myself flicking back through my memory archives and resonating with his lyricism. 

Musically, he is on point. He does not delve into anything too quirky here, but I like the simple yet bold approach he has taken. The instrumental is robust, but yet it does not hit you in the face with anything untoward. It gets underway with a backing vocal in a high key with a beat which infectiously makes you tap your foot. Complex then introduces his singing quality with style, he starts with a singing technique which we do not hear rappers delve into often, but he suddenly gets back to his signature rap bars like no tomorrow. 
The track for me is the best release from Complex. I can tell this one means a lot to the artist and his poignancy and integrity comes across well with his energetic delivery. You can listen to ‘Where We Came from’ by Complex below. 

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