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Mennez_Promised Land

Today we are staying within the state and just heading a little up north to Gainesville, Fl to meet Mennez, a 19 year old rapper. He says that his influences are comprised of artist such as 2Pac and J. Cole. As most artists, Mennez jumped onto the Freestyle Friday trend and releases a series of 14 videos where he gained the majority of his popularity and streams. During that time he also worked on his mixtape title “Mirage” where he is releasing one single at a time rather then a cohesive drop. Today we will be reviewing his first single released in July 2020 title ‘Promised Land’. So let’s get right into it.

Thoughts on Promised Land

Mennez’s quote on the song is ‘”Promised Land is inspired by the internal
struggle that I have been facing over whether God exists. Although I was raised in a Christian
household and was born with the first name of ‘Christian,’ real-life events such as some of my loved ones being afflicted with cancer make it
hard for me to continue to buy into the notion of a just and all-powerful God.”‘

I have not interest in religion so this should call for an interesting review.

You can hear the lack of maturity in Mennez’s voice and can tell he is verry young. He gets his point across that he is struggling with his belief system. I think at some point everyone has gone through that struggle of is this shit even real. Some of us turn into agnostics while others find new beliefs and others don’t believe in anything. This song doesn’t steer you in a clear direction, like you should do xyz but truly just discusses the inner struggle. Mennez has a lot of growth to be done with his music. His delivery is a bit rocky as well as his pronunciation. He is off to a good start it is all a matter of honing his skills and practicing.

Want more

It will be interesting to see where Mennez goes musically and if he will stay in the religious realm or expand to other topics. If you want to follow his journey check out these links.

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