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Dan Lish Egostrip Vol 1

Hip hop culture does not only include music, it also has art, clothing and lifestyle attached to it. Dan Lish is a English illustrator who lived in New York for several years prior to resettling in the UK. He now is bringing us a collection of hip hop inspired commissions in one cohesive project. Learn more about his upcoming project by checking out the entire press release as follows.

Egostrip Vol 1 – The Essential Hip Hop Art Book, by Dan Lish
Illustrator’s stream of consciousness series led to collaborations with world-renowned music artists. Now it’s set to launch as a collectible hardback book, digital book and lithographic prints, after a Kickstarter campaign launching 3September for one month. 

English artist Dan Lish is acclaimed in the hip hop world for his recasting of MCs and producers as mages and cosmic forces. His 2017 album cover for Raekwon’s The Wild sees the rapper envisaged as a giant, towering over New York. This, commissions for De La Soul and Omar, and support from names like Pharoahe Monch and Pete Rock came about through his art series Egostrip. The project sprang organically from Lish’s irrepressible imagination, masterful pen craft and deep love for the genre’s music and culture. 


A compulsive sketcher, Lish’s pen has taken flight over the last six years on his commute from Brighton to his work as a games concept artist in London. His drawings capture the essence of hip hop creators, elevated in otherworldly imaginings that explore a wider vision of their craft. “I picked up on what inspired me about the artists, whether it be a certain lyric from a classic song, or my perception of what may be going through their mind at the moment of creation.” Dan Lish’s interpretations summon the musical magic of innovators from DOOM to J Dilla and Edan. Depictions of classic rappers like Rakim and Biz Markie are fueled by memories of Lish’s life as a Brooklyn B-boy in the 90s. He joins the dots of historical lineage with on-point references that delight music devotees. 

Collectible hardback art book 

The Egostrip series is now set to be released as a beautifully bound, highly collectible hardback art book. It collates 138 full color illustrations along with black and white sketches and notes on the artist’s creative process, photos, anecdotes and the histories of the interconnected characters; their alter egos and worlds created in glorious analogue and digital techniques. It will appeal to folks that have a passion for the craft and the culture of hip hop in all its forms of creativity. Master wordsmith J Live provides the foreword for the book and Raekwon has given his Chef’s kiss of approval.


Kickstarter campaign

Initial funding for the project is being raised by Kickstarter appeal, which runs from 3 September for one month. Rewards for backers begin with the printed art book (£35 + p&p), digital book (+£5). Stretch goals release further rewards including lithographic prints, original artwork from the book, bespoke commissions, and special thank yous.   

About the artist, Dan Lish

Dan Lish is a multi-disciplined artist specializing in illustration, video game concept art and wall art. He has been professionally creating characters and worlds for over 20 years for clients including Sony, Lucas Arts, Rockstar Games and the Bafta award-winning Bossa Studios. His talents have also been directed into comic and book illustrations, toy design and graphic novels. Lish studied illustration in Art College, and was influenced by the work of Moebius, Robert Crumb and John Singer Sargent. After spending several years in New York, he returned to his native UK and lives in Brighton where he continues to be inspired by everyday life, enjoying the journey and embracing the present.  

Back the project, buy the book

To support this unique project, secure copies of the book, and bring about enhanced rewards from lithographic prints to bespoke commissions, visit 

Other links 
Dan Lish website 
Limited edition fine art prints 

Dan Lish is near his Kickstarter goal so let’s help him get to that goal and enjoy the inspirational artwork. If you have a hip hop project you need help getting the word out about send it over to or head over to our contact page.

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