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Iamkeynotes Buss It Down

Plugstar ENT present us with a Billboard charting, platinum selling artist and American Hero Iamkeynotes.  “Buss it Down” (featuring DaBaby and Petey Pablo), had been climbing the Billboard charts rapidly since its April release, peaking at number 1 in June 2020. Now, its sales have gone platinum.

IAmKeyNotes states that working with the two rap stars was, ”unbelievable feeling at first”. He also added that, “It’s always love shown and a lot of energy. I definitely look forward to the future with those guys and this record.”

The record was produced by 20 and Crash and was released through GT Digital/Megatron Muzik LLC. It is said that the track offers a smooth vocal delivery by IAmKeyNotes and has a grind-worthy vibe. The track is also accompanied by a video directed and choreographed by Bryant Anderson.

Thoughts on Buss it Down

I can immediately hear the Chris Brown influences. I was pleasantly surprised by his voice and had to catch my breathe. IAmKeyNotes didn’t even need the other artists on the track because he could have carried that song all his own. The first verse was classic DaBaby delivery. He was quick and to the point, throwing some designer names in there and talking about street shit. I could have done without his verse honestly. Verse two was all about KeyNotes, and he truly showcased his talent. His lyricism was appropriate for the topic of the song and he delivered it exceptionally well. I love when he talks about “smearing off the chap stick” that was slick and unique. Petey Pablo did his thing on the final verse and added more content than DaBaby had. He definitely played off of KeyNotes’ verse and tied both verses together.

The video too short and I wish it was more accessible because he shows IAmKeyNotes dance skills and sex appeal. After watching the video, I can see the star that KeyNotes is. He is destined for great things and I am on the journey with him.

About IAmKeyNotes

IAmKeyNotes was born in Portsmouth, VA and is currently calling Charlotte, NC home. He began his journey to stardom at an early age. At age 12, he began freestyling and began writing his own lyrics at the age of 16. This is also when he began honing his dance moves at family gatherings to start. His inspiration for pursuing a career in entertainment came from Chris Brown in 2007. Some of his other influences include Trey Songz, Michael Jackson, among other big names.

IAmKeyNotes joined the U.S.Military which he credits for his leadership style and for keeping him out of trouble. If adding a musical career and a military career wasn’t enough, he also become the president of Megatron Muzik. In this role, he will oversee management practices and will strive to “bridge the gap between the artists and their goals.” He joins CEO Brandon Carter (aka Big B) and co-CEO Yung Digz.

While the social distancing prompted by Covid-19 has made touring difficult this year, IAmKeyNotes looks forward to performing “Buss It Down,” and his previous releases, “Whip” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) and “That’s My Dawg” for live audiences in the future. He also hopes to release an EP. In the meantime, his summer chart-topper can be found on all digital streaming platforms. 

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