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AUS10 Matter of Fact

Heading over to Los Angeles, CA, let’s meet AUS10, an independent Hip Hop Artist, label owner and entrepreneur. He has been creating music since the age of 14 and has dropped various mixtapes and videos. He has also performed (on his own dime) in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami. In Los Angeles, you may have seen him at the Belasco Theatre along with other smaller venues in the Downton LA and Hollywood areas. In Atlanta, You may have seen him inside of the Black Ink Crew tattoo shop. If you live in Miami, ‘Miami Live’ is where you would have found this underground gem.

Thoughts on Matter of Fact

“Matter of Fact” is his most recent project and is said to capture the listener. So let’s take a listen for ourselves.

  1. Dope Forever: AUS10 has a very clear delivery, you can understand every word he says. I think the beat is difficult to work with and you can get that sense with his delivery. His lyricism is not an issue whatsoever but I would have preferred either a different beat or different delivery method.
  2. Million Dollar Mind: This is the song where you truly see his talent shine through. He speeds up his delivery and keeps the energy throughout. The beat isn’t overpowering at all but instead complimentary to his words. He talks about needing to make it and his million dollar mind and I hope you continues to hone in on his talents to do just that.
  3. Work You: I chuckled at several of his lines and references. I love the chorus and lyrical theme of the song. There were a couple times during the verses where it seemed like AUS10 tripped up a bit on the delivery. The song is a jam and I can see men vibing and quoting it.
  4. My Own: The song takes you a bit deeper into AUS10’s life. The beat is smooth and he tells you how he is going to do this on his own.
  5. Family Tree: This song discuss the plights of Black people in the United States. This song is meant to make you think and motivate you as well. This might be my favorite song thus far.
  6. Feeling Myself: My favorite line is the Pac Man reference (childhood fav). The song is low key and smooth. He is talking to a girl during some parts and feeling himself in others. We all have to hype ourselves up. He also discusses day to day struggles.
  7. All Day Long: To end the project, AUS10 goes dark on the beat. We get an even deeper dive into his background and his family.

The production value is what I feel needs a bit of work overall on the project. AUS10 has the lyricism and professionalism to make it far. Although I believe this was made during the pandemic so studio time hasn’t been easy for any of us. with just a few tweaks in the future AUS10 will be sure to shine.

You can follow this link to hear the project in it’s entirety and let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts in the comments below.

Want more

Want to hear more from AUS10 and follow his musical journey. Check him out at the following links:



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