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Kai Rose Hollow

Kai Rose has done a lot in her lifetime so far and comes from a musically inclined family. She knew she wanted to spread peace and harmony which shows through with her chosen moniker. She started her musical path by writing poetry and producing beats. At the age of 15, she was approached to record beats for a film bringing her to North Carolina. There she also built a youth radio and television network alongside her newfound associate titled Next Kids Worldwide. 

Through her work in North Carolina, she began traveling as a motivational speaker. Kai Rose also began interviewing artists and this seemed to spark her interest in becoming an rtist herself. Once her tour ended, she returned to Michigan where she began writing music. However, she didn’t begin recording until early 2019. Not only did she began making music, she also started her own record label called DA WAV LLC (an acronym for “Detroit Artist We Are Vibes”). She has found some acclaim by being featured on various media outlets such as, being featured on Detroit’s FOX 2 News, Hot 107.5 Underground Summer Jamz and My TV20, The Mother Love Show on LA Talk Radio, and more.

Kai Rose has a lot to offer the world, so let’s check out one of her latest songs and accompanying video.

Thoughts on Hollow

Kai Rose has a beautiful voice and range. She gives us heartbreak with every single note and lyric. A line that stayed with me after hearing the song is “I lost my glow”, which I feel a lot of us can relate to this after a heartbreak. It can take a lot of time to get your glow back after you have been completely destroyed in a relationship. The video perfectly adds to her story and is well done.

Want More?

Kai Rose is a multi-faceted artist as you see on other tracks like ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Non Stop’. I look forward to following Kai Rose on her journey, with her lyrics and classic R&B voice. If you want to follow Kai Rose on her musical journey, check out all of the the following links.






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