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CHYLD Be Him For Her Ft Emilia Ali

Today we head over to Boston to hear what CHYLD from  SLEEPY KID Records. CHYLD, like most of us has been around music the entirety of his life. He began playing instruments at the age of 8 starting with the drums and later taught himself the Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Bass. Singing for CHYLD began is his teenage years at the ripe age of 16. He has been releasing songs over the past four years and today we get to check out ‘Be Him For Her’ featuring Emilia Ali.

Thoughts on “Be Him For Her”

Emilia Ali has a mesmerizing voice to get us started. She wants her ex to be a better person for his new girlfriend and we have to love the positivity. He couldn’t be what she needed or who she thought he was, she wants him to be him for her. Although we don’t hear CHYLD on this song, it its a beautiful song. I would have loved if he came on during the last verse and responded that he was him for her or something along those lines. The production value was top notch and you can tell there was a lot of thought that went in to the song.

The song can be found on various streaming platforms by following this link:

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