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Jacksonville Code Ollie Joseph UNRTHDX

Ollie Joseph

Ollie Joseph was born in Japan and raised in Michigan, he teamed up with Amsterdam based producer UNRTHDX to create a four track EP titled “Moon & Back”. The EP is four tracks long and as an introduction to the project we have Jacksonville Code. This track covers Ollie’s experience with an ex who he decided to stay close to after the separation. Surprisingly, things did not go as planned. Ollie has an interesting story as to how the song came and project came about.

As Ollie Joseph tells us, he reached out to his ex whom he thought they had agreed to stay in touch and ended on good terms. When he did reach out after some time had passed, she was acting completely different, accusatory, defense and distant. He gave it a few days before he responded. After sending his response he realized all of his emotions had not been expressed and he decided to take it to song.

Jacksonville Code touches base on some of those emotions, the main one being disappointment. Through this song he discusses building her up and someone else benefiting from it. She learned how to treat a partner from their relationship . The project as a whole is a method of healing.

When asked about the song Ollie Joseph had this to say: “Falling in and out of love is part of what keeps life interesting. It took me writing this song to understand that” – Ollie Joseph

Thoughts on the Song

This song is relatable beyond belief. Ollie paints a picture of how a lot of us have felt after a relationship. We give so much to someone and get our heart broken. We still want to keep the door open because they were a big part of our lives but then they change up. We become tempted to expose them and just fuck their whole shit up. Some people do while some hold back and just move on in our own way. The song s easy to listen to and you can feel the pain and heart attack Ollie was experiencing. The beat is unlike anything I’ve heard and Ollie does a good job of delivering to match the changes in the code. The song has a high production value and was very well done. Ollie Joseph and UNRTHDX are an exceptional musical pairing.

The video has a basic concept and it is just very chill. There is not anything crazy happening. Ollie is out at an undisclosed location just with his thoughts. I loved how the ending matched perfectly with the lyrics. As he says I finally close it, he also drives off metaphorically leaving the past in the dust. You can listen to the song on Spotify by clicking here and watch the video below.

Want More?

Ollie Joseph is a force to be reckoned with and I don’t think I want him to make a song about me anytime soon. He may just crush my soul. I can see how the music helped him heal and am thoroughly looking forward to hearing the rest of the project. If you are as invested in Ollie check him out on Instagram at the following link.


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