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Planet Earth Is A Ghetto… But I Still Love You Mark Ferg

Let’s head over to my favorite vacation place New York and meet Mark Ferg. He brings us 9 tracks on his latest release ‘Planet Earth is a Ghetto…. But I Still Love You.’ The project is a direct reflection on what was happening in the world at the time. Mark had a few things to say about the project which we can all resonate with. See what he had to say below:

“After witnessing the murder of George Floyd by the police, hearing about the brutal murder of Breonna Taylor, also by the police, and countless other heinous acts that have been committed against the marginalized black and brown people in this place we call HOME, I was left with so much swirling around in my head and heart,” Ferg says. “With racism rearing its ugly head yet again, the effects of COVID19 on the world and the unemployment rates skyrocketing, it seems depression, death and despair was lurking in every corner of my mind.”

“I tried really hard to come up with ways that I could do my part and show up for my myself, my people and for the world and after some deep searching within I made a decision that the best way for me to contribute to what’s going on right now in the world is to reflect and document it through my art.”

Thoughts on the Project

  1. Dedication: This is a great start and shows us what Mark Ferg brings to the table with his smooth voice and beautiful beat. His lyrics are heard clearly and are impactful.
  2. War: Mark gives us poetry turned into song and it shows, from the finger snaps to the message.
  3. Trapped: The style switches up a bit on trapped but not by a lot. We can all feel trapped at some point in our lives. Ferg feels trapped in a dream. You adds a snippet of some of the Covid restrictions we have had to face which have been detrimental to many people’s mental health.
  4. Isolation: We all had to deal with some sort of isolation this year and it wasn’t always easy. He seems to be missing someone specific. We have all wanted to see someone so badly during quarantine and while some of us founds ways others could not.
  5. My Momma: He’s going to treat his lover like his momma. This is how every man should treat women. I thought this song would be about his momma but was pleasantly surprised by the message.
  6. Joia’s Interlude: A women speaks to us about the deep seeded issues people have had to live with for generations due to the white man. I had goosebumps the entire time.
  7. Home: Making it home for a Black man is a blessing that so many do not get. In some cases even if you make it home, you may still be shot down by the cops in your own bed. Ferg also tells us about the things that Black men have created despite of the overt racism.
  8. Planet Earth Is A Ghetto: Earth really is the biggest ghetto you will ever see, Ferg is wondering if he can be taken away from it. He touches base on all the bullshit we have had to deal with as a society.
  9. I Still Love You: This track was a great way to end the project and was as impactful as the rest of the songs we heard.

You can listen to the project on Spotify

Mark Ferg comes from a musical family and at an early age he was exposed to many different types of sounds. Ferg draws musical influence from a wide range of artists including, ATCQ, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Andre 3000, Nirvana, D’angelo and J Dilla to name a few. Most notably, he was a featured spotlight artist on ESPN’s First Take and had music featured on “Black Ink Crew”.

Want More?

Mark Ferg touched based on several topics on his project and it is impactful to say the least. His voice helps him deliver the message perfectly. Often times when we have artists who touch on these types of topics it can be rough and angry. Although you can tell his is angry it is not in a way that makes you want to turn the music off. The messages are delivered clearly and you instead get goosebumps as you listen. You can find more info about Mark Ferg by checking out these links.




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