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Heaven on Earth 2nd Generation Wu

Wu-Tang is Forever, especially when their sons take over. Forging a new wave of Wu, they have brought us several musical projects that are not only reminiscent of their fathers but with their own sound and style. Being the offspring of a legend is not easy and for many it is difficult to live up to what their parents established. That is not the case for 2nd Generation Wu who have taken the torches from their fathers and said let’s build a dynasty not just a legacy. Today we will be discussing one of their songs and videos ‘Heaven on Earth’, you can find other videos down below as well.

Heaven on Earth

This is the second track 2nd Generation Wu worked on with producer J. Glaze after ‘7.O.D.’ iNTell had this to say about the creation of the song, “It’s a very different sound, but we were looking to push the envelope and be different. I don’t ever want to be predictable. After we layered the vocals, Glaze went in with his trumpet and bodied it, only intending to keep part of it but we were like ‘nah that whole solo gotta stay.’ The title is referring to my personal feelings about the combination of Great Marijuana and Great Vagina, both allowing you to possibly experience Heaven on Earth.” So let’s see what we think of the song and video

INTell had this to say about the video concept:

“With this visual I wanted to go with a more artistic aesthetic to satisfy the inner filmmaker in me. So me and my wife, also President of Intellectual Ent, came up with the concept that heaven on earth can be as simple as having a good time with friends. The video was shot by Prema777 and edited by me and we think it compliments the vibe of the song very well. Special thanks to the cinematic subjects that volunteered their image to bring this short film to life.”

The song has jazzy elements combined with an old school flow and sound making for top notch production. The chorus is perfection and immediately gets stuck in your head on repeat. It is also symbolic of what Heaven on Earth can be. Dark and icy is how I would describe the mood but there is always an upside, ‘twist a little, spend a little time with the right one, heaven on earth, let’s light one.”

Cinematically I can see the creative vibes iNTell and Prema777 were going for. It’s black and white with some pops of color here and there. Nothing is more peaceful than smoking a blunt on the beach. It has a different style than other videos like ‘New Generation’ but still stays within their distinct style.

You can stream the song here on all streaming platforms.

Looking for more

2nd Generation Wu consists of the the sons of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang is truly forever as we move into a new era. They have picked up the baton and are making a name for themselves in their own right. The group has iNTell (son of U-God) and PXWER (son of Method Man) leading the group and the vision. Features from other hip hop legend offspring include SUN GOD (son of Ghostface Killah) and Young Dirty Bastard (son of Old Dirty Bastard).

They have all been hard at work with releases from all 2nd Generation WU members such as “7.O.D.(featuring Young Dirty Bastard and SunGod),” “New Generation (featuring Method Man),” “Soothe The Soul (featuring Jackie Palladino),” and “Legacy Drip.” They are using their lineage as a foundation but are carving their own path. They have found their sound and are uplifting and educating the masses through their music. You can follow the group by checking out these links:




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