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We Here Now 2nd Generation Wu

Ending the year on a big note we have the latest release from 2nd Generation Wu with their latest track We Here Now. The song has a bit of a history as it was started back in 2016 and was meant to be a precursor to 7.O.D. but instead laid in the vault waiting for the perfect moment to be released. The time has finally come to hear the song.

Thoughts on We Here Now

Reagrding the track, iNTeLL had this to say, “We first met the producer DLP at a Chris Rivers & Young Dirty Bastard show at Drom NYC.  After about a week Pxwer, Supreme and I all ended up in the studio for the first.  Pxwer and I laid down verses and the record was finalized at Brooklyn’s Dragons Lair in Bushwick!”

There’s not much I can say about 2nd Generation Wu at this point besides they have become one of my favorites to cover. I look forward to their new drops. They have the sounds and the lyrics. They have that classic hip hop sound that is unmistakable. They also hit each and every song hard. I feel they leave it all on the track. The quirky one liners sprinkled throughout like “ya’ll confused like fast turtles and slow rabbits” really add personality to the music. The group works well together and there is no semblance of competition just pure love for the music and the end result. The song is a reminder that they are here now and they are not going anywhere. Well we are all here for it.

Looking for more?

They have all been hard at work with releases from all 2nd Generation Wu members such as “7.O.D.(featuring Young Dirty Bastard and SunGod),” “New Generation (featuring Method Man),” “Soothe The Soul (featuring Jackie Palladino),” and “Legacy Drip.” They are using their lineage as a foundation but are carving their own path. They have found their sound and are uplifting and educating the masses through their music. You can follow the group by checking out these links:




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