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Countdown Tyke T

 Today we head over to Memphis for the latest drop from 4x Billboard charting rapper Tyke T titled ‘Countdown”. It is said to be a song for the ladies and has an accompanying video. He drew inspiration from his wife’s busy schedule and created a song about taking her mind off of the stress of the daily grind and get a night out on the town. Something we can all relate to on some level.

Tyke T draws inspiration from classic hip hop influence like Kanye West and Jodeci. He has had some notable success by making the top 10 in VH1’s “Make a Band Famous”, sharing stages with B.O.B and Boosie Badazz, and has had sync placements in VH1’s Black Ink Crew Compton, FOX’s The Masked Singer, and several ESPN games. 

Tyke T is an independent artist making his own way. He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with and MBA. He has used his education to make his way in the hip hop game and be in the top 50 Billboard charts four times. Countdown is available on all streaming platforms as well as on Roku and Amazon Firestick. So let’s get right into the song and see what Tyke T brings us on ‘Countdown’.

Thought on Countdown

The song is a bop. I was immediately nodding my head to the song. The concept is seen throughout the song and the video. He stays on theme with his lyrics and flow. The hook is catchy “5-4-3-2-1, That’s the countdown, It’s Friday afternoon – Paint the town (red) // Dealt with the Bull shyt all week, Bout to go down // If you bringing bad vibes, Gotta go now”. As a female I felt like my nonexistent man was talking to me and motivating me to keep going and is taking me on an escape from reality. Tyke T is uplifting his woman and rewarding her for everything she been doing.

The video starts with a woman working from home which has become the new normal for most of us. Tyke T hits her up on Facetime while he’s at the studio and make some plans. Her whole mood changes and you can see he’s happy as well. The cinematic shots of the city are impressive. Her has an extremely fun date planned. In the end they are just dancing and vibin after a fun ass date. The video was clear and concise. You can understand the theme and song concept portrayed throughout.

Want More Tyke T?

It’s beyond obvious Tyke T is taking the steps necessary to bring us top notch professional content. even though I had finished writing the review I kept the video on repeat more times than I typically do about ten times to be exact. The song is relatable and the visuals have a lot of thought put into them. I’m hooked on Tyke T and you need to be as well. If you want to join Tyke T on his musical journey check out the following links:







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