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Yohan Marley Brickell

During the pandemic we have seen many artists find it difficult to stay inspired and create new music. Today we stay local for a look at how Yohan Marley was inspired by Brickell. That is not the most common place that artist talk about so it will be interesting to see what Yohan and his brother Jo Mersa Marley think about the often referred to “Boujie Brickell”. Yohan Marley is the son of multi- Grammy award winner Stephen Marley. It is said that the song sets the mood to cruise through the city. Marley drew his inspiration from the lights, buildings, cars and women he saw through the city and is therefore the main premise for this song.

Thoughts on the song

The initial beginning of the song is impeccably done. It was soft and smooth. We then hit the first verse and the two brothers played off each other perfectly to deliver beauty throughout. I have no negatives for this single. As far as Brickell, I do not get any semblance of the area in the song but instead feel more Wynwood vibes instead. Although I can see where Yohan got the inspiration in Brickell for the song. You can stream the song on all streaming platforms by clicking here.

The video does change things for me as seeing the song with the visuals, I get more Brickell vibes. It is not overtly Miami vibes and has the right amount of the city sprinkled in to go with the softer and miscellaneous scenes. The video is a must watch.

Want more?

After this song I spent some time checking out other tracks from both artists. Now I’m in a bit of a reggae mood and a new fan. Everyone should definitely check these two out for yourself. They have a flow and messages in their music that we don’t often see.

CREDITS – “Brickell (When Tears Fall)” by Yohan Marley (ft. Jo Mersa)

Produced by: Karloff

Written by: Yohan Marley & Jo Mersa Marley

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