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Tanaka Makoni, ‘The Streets’

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Tanaka Makoni smashes it once again with her new release, ‘The Streets’. It is a track which I cannot seem to get enough of with its serene texture and nail-biting hooks which jump out with genuine conviction.

It all gets underway with a peaceful overture which takes us to a peaceful realm with sounds leaping out, and they hit like waves smashing at the rocks. Tanaka then jumps on top of the flowing guitar rhythm with a vocal which is stimulating from the get-go.

Furthermore, her vocal is soft with a calming tone, but she delves deep as the track finds its way to the chorus. Also, the hook in the chorus is potent with it leaving us singing it well after listening. Again, Tanaka proves that she can adapt to the changes in the modern industry with her evolving her sound tremendously well.

For me, the versatility of Tanaka is what keeps bringing me back to her time and time again. Also, she adds a new flavour which is hard to fault, and her message is piercing with her taking us back to the streets where she grew up.

Overall, ‘The Streets’ is an innovative rnb release which shines with a radiant beam. As a result, it is tricky to compare it with other releases in this field. However, I would enjoy for Tanaka to add even more backing harmonies in places as it feels as though more weight could be included in the mix to give it an even more significant stereo effect.

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