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Law X: When Day Gets Dark

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“When Day Gets Dark” is a street crime drama like Power or Top Boy intertwined with music videos by Law X.  Starring Law X (rap artist/director) Aml Ameen (Yardie, Kidulthood) Ace B-47 (No Limit Master P Artist) and Instagram famous model and actress, Himynamesteee.

The series had me so hype due to the obvious amount of effort, planning, and production that was put into it. From the musical score to the acting to the cinematography. Everything has a purpose. I was highly impressed with how the entire series came together. Here are my thoughts, let me know yours in the comments.

Episode 1

The first episode starts us off with the hustle and bustle of a police station. We head into the interview room where Law X finds himself being interrogated by 5-0. We also see flashbacks here and there of his arrest. It looks like the cops are trying to pin him for murder. Law X’s lawyer shows up and the story really begins. Now we get to see what really happened and this next shoot out scene is so cinematically well done, it’s straight out of a movie. This is also where the music begins, we have the beginning of a backstory and now it’s time to add the musical score. We also have other cut scenes with the lawyer intertwined with scenes of what happened, as the lawyer asks questions. The cliffhanger is when an alleged witness comes into play……… did the witness actually see anything?

Episode 2

The witness says she didn’t see anything and is trying to go home, but detectives are just not letting it go. The detective tries to coerce the witness into identifying Law as the trigger man. Now we get to see what happens after the shoot out. Law switches up his car and then comes a plot twist I’m not sure you’re ready for. I’ll let you watch for yourself and see if you can make the connection. Next, comes the backstory wit Casino which is another insane narrative. Then we get a music video with an additional backstory narrative on the life Law X has been living in throughout the series. The wings imagery is masterful, to say the least.

Episode 3

We begin this episode with so much suspense, will all of our questions be answered? Law X is bringing someone new into the narrative during a flashback scene. We also see a takedown with an undercover. This leads us on a foot chase with a new song to guide us through. We finally get to see the capture of Law X, and how he ended up at the station in Episode 1. Law finally reaches out to his brother, but the conversation isn’t the friendliest, and we are left wondering what’s going to happen next. Law X is getting out of jail, but what is he walking into?

Law X’s fate is uncertain, but now we focus on Marco and he seems to be getting the full picture of what may have happened. Marco is about to open a can of worms no one is ready for………….

The series is phenomenal as you can see. Keep in mind, the series is based on true events. What did you think of the hip hop crime series?

You can see more of Law X’s work on his website or by following him on social media @mynameizlaw . I know I am definitely looking forward to more work from Law and his team. This series is unlike anything else the hip hop scene has ever witnessed.

Do you have an underground hip hop project you want to share with the Starz? Submit it here and you might be featured on one of the best hip hop websites. The Melly Starz team is always looking for the next big underground hip hop artists.

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Updates: Reviews, Promo and Top 200

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Hello my fellow Starz,

It’s update time! As you know, I’m always busy in these streets bringing you the heat. My medically forced break hasn’t been as productive as one would think but I wanted to hit you with what has been happening and is coming in the future.

The past is always present:

Reviews are back! I have a ton pending and am accepting new submissions in the weeks to come. There has been an influx of submissions so bear with me while I get through them.

Promo: I am also doing event promos, no event reviews yet (medical reasons). Stay tuned for when those will come back.

The future is now:

As you know, I am now hosting a radio show alongside DJ and long-time friend DJ LX. The show drops every Friday and there are opportunities for all of you, of course.

First, if you are a DJ, you can reach out to us and have your set featured on the show. We look for open format DJs. Hit us up @elcalordemiami 

Second, I’ve finally been able to implement the track of the week into the show. You submit a track and we choose from the submissions. If you are chosen, your track will be pushed out to our thousands of listeners and you get an on-air interview with yours truly.

Third, I’m working on getting one video out each week starting in late September over on my Youtube. It will be random topics and all about the things I like to do. It will be more of a vlog.

Lastly, with the influx of work and projects coming in, it seems it is time to expand the Mellsville team. I’m looking for one or two writers that enjoy one or all of the following: games, hip hop, fashion, and entertainment. Your experience level does not matter to me, I’d love to mentor and help you build your own brand someday. If you’re good with social media that is a plus simply because I hate the entire concept of it. I’ve been a social media manager for far too long.

Shine bright

Mellsville will continue to grow and is already growing faster than I imagined after years of back and forth. The biggest accomplishment this year has been being featured in the top 200 Feedspot Hip Hop blogs. This is definitely the beginning of the notoriety that Mellsville has been working hard for over 6 years.

If you want to be featured on Melly Starz submit directly to me using the contact us page or if you want to be featured on The Heatmix Life click here. Although, I am part of the show it is separate from Melly Starz so a submission on one does not guarantee a spot on the other and vice verse. See ya after the health gets better. Shine bright Starz.

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J. Cole- Middle Child

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Last night Cole blessed us with new music and my heart can’t take it. The suspense leading up to the release was intense. Around 8:30 he started posting pics of middle children, driving us mad. My notifications were nonstop. Then.. 9 o clock hits and we’re all waiting for the link…

Of course one streaming service couldn’t get their shit together and get the song out on time. Then the song arrives and you can feel the entire hip hop community pause for the greatness that is brought to our ears.

Have you heard the song yet? What do you think? Check it below