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Be Careful Tef Poe

Returning after a bit of a hiatus we have Tef Poe with his latest song Be careful. Tef Poe is from St Louis and is not only an MC but also an activist. 2020 has been a shitstorm and Tef Poe was no exception. He used the adversity he faced over the past year to help him move forward and lit a spark inside him. He has always used his platform to discuss delicate topics and issues. His music is a sort of vessel for his thoughts and emotions. This song is no different as he touches base on his own life while also warning listeners to be cautious of who they put their trust in.

Thoughts on Be Careful

The song is somber and thought provoking. Tef Poe is warning us to be careful as even Satan has some power that can break through. He touches base on the backstabbing and hurt we face in our lives. He touches on mass incarceration and the plight of intoxication in black communities. He has a powerful message and knows how to articulate it to his fans.

The music video shows Tef Poe in various locations with different friends. He includes images of important message. He includes b-roll of the city and most importantly his most prominent background image is that of George Floyd. It is a very impactful song and video with strong messages and images.

Want more?

Tef Poe is an activist through and through. He shows he wants to make a difference through his music and his actions. I have goosebumps after listening and watching this one track. If you are as impressed as I am follow his journey on Instagram.

You can stream the song on all platforms by following this link:

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