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Let’s head over to Virginia to meet Bryant White, who goes by the moniker BZZY OG. He is a rapper, songwriter, and recording artist who dropped his debut single “OG” on October 12. He coined his name from some of his musical influences like Busy Bee, Bizzy Bone and Biz Markie. He began to take his career seriously in 2018 when he taught himself how to mix and started to put out music. He put out two EPs and and various singles leading up to his debut album BZZY in December 2019. Nine months later in 2020 he signed to the label Music Unites Souls Everywhere. This is his first release as a signed artist so let’s get right into the music.

Thoughts on OG

That beat is nasty was my first impression. Then I heard BZZY and I can tell he has been working to perfect his craft for some time. His voice, cadence and delivery are on point. His chorus is catchy and easy to follow. With his first verse he has many noteworthy lyrics, my favorite being “Keep the umbrella for the weather, I be dammed if I’m’ gonna get rained on.” I also noticed the various sound effects throughout that added some flair to the song. They were not distracting as some sound effects can be. Another noteworthy line in the third verse is “I’m the first to do it but it’s a risk to take.” My only gripe with the single is the name. It can be a bit confusing to write and see OG twice in the span of three words.

You can find the song on all streaming platforms by clicking here.

Looking for more?

BZZY OG has the production value and musical ability to be build a career. He will be releasing his project in early 2021 so we have to stay posted to see how he does on a full fledged album. If you want to follow his journey check out the following links:





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