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Counted Me Out Jaeo Draftpick

Coming to us from Long Island we have Jaeo Draftpick. Influenced by Public Enemy, EPMD, De La Soul, Chuck D and Erick Sermon. He is on a mission to put Long Island back on the hip hop map. Riding the wave of his success from “All I Know’ which was played on various New York radio stations, he now brings us ‘Counted Me Out’. So let’s take a listen and see what Jaeo Draftpick has to offer.

Thoughts on Counted Me Out

The video was super creative and enjoyable. I liked the concept and the dialogue in the beginning and ending were not superfluous. The concept was executed superbly. All of the lights and scenes made sense and it was refreshing to see a video go outside the box. I like the plot twist at the end but you have to see that for yourself.

The song was well done and is reminiscent of the new age of hip hop. I will never get over the Chia pet line, such a throwback. Jaeo is well spoken and it shows in his lyrics. He is on point with his delivery and the theme of the song stays throughout each verse. All goods things for this track.

You can listen to the song by following this link:

Looking for more

Jaeo Draftpick has the creativity and talent to take his music to the next level. I will absolutely be following his journery. If you are looking to joining Jaeo on his musical journey you can find him at the following places

Twitter – @Jaeodraftpick Instagram – @Jaeodraftpick Facebook – @Jaeodraftpick YouTube – @Draftpicksmusic

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