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Somebody Type of Movement Scruffy Dat

Today we head on over to the Bahamas to meet Scruffy Dat with his track ‘Somebody Type of Movement’. Scruffy was first introduced to music by watching her mother listening and writing out lyrics at age 7, she then began to mimic her mother and do the same. Scruffy always gravitated towards music throughout her life. She was even DJ Scruffy at one point. In 2001, she began writing dancehall inspired by some big names like Sean Paul, Lady Saw, and Mr. Vegas. During this time she had the opportunity to open for reggae artist Bush Man. Later in her career, 2005, she would form her own DJ group named Kiah’s entourage. This is how she made a name for herself on the island.

In 2016, she would begin her transition from Deejaying to writing rap music. She is heavily influenced by Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Timbaland, Lil Uzi, Lauryn Hill and Juice World. That is quite a variety of artist which is why it is said she has a sound all her own. She combines Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae in her music. She released her first song to Soundcloud in 2016 and was then motivated to continue her musical pursuit by the positive feedback she received. Over the past few years she has been honing her skills and officially releases ‘Somebody Type of Movement’ in 2019 garnering a ton of positive media attention. So let’s get right into it and see what Scruffy Dat has to work with.  

Thoughts on Somebody Type of Movement

Scruffy has her own sound which is truly indescribable. She is not your typical rough and tough rapper. She provides a softer tone while still going hard on the song. There were a few times where you can tell she was trying hard to stay on beat. Her voice does not sound like anyone else. The song is hype and makes you want to jump around and move. Her lyrical content is motivational. She talks about making moves and staying on top.

You can listen to Somebody Type of Movement on all streaming platforms by following this link: 

Looking for More?

Scruffy Dat is creating a lane all her own. I would love to see her on a different track and see how she delivers. We will be staying tuned to see where her journey takes her. If you want to join Scruffy Dat on her musical journey follow these links to learn more.  

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