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La Promenade in Paris in the Sunshine Andrei Poliakov


Today we head over to Switzerland to meet composer and pianist Andrei Poliakov with his latest track “La Promenade in Paris in the Sunshine” which features different live instruments and aims to give us a bright and sunny depiction or the city. The track will be released through PA74 music. The track is a follow up to “La Promenade in Paris in the Moonlight” It is all leading up to the third release “Moonlight & Sunshine’ which is all part of Andrei’s album. He describes the album in his words as, “The music is taking the listeners away from the mundane routines, boredom, and dullness into the brightness of an imaginative world where love is omnipresent both under the light of Sun and Moon.”

Andrei Poliakov has a classical music education as a pianist which he obtained in Russia. He has made a name for himself by performing with several world-renowned orchestras. He then combined various genres like jazz, pop and rock into his work. His goal is to tell stories without the use of words but instead through music.

About the Song

Andrei was inspired to create this song when he was stranded in Paris with a friend for a few days with no money. They explored the city and saw the city from a different view. Through their adventurous couple days in Paris they had to play the guitar and clarinet to earn some money to get to the airport. They played at la Place de Pompidou.

Thoughts on La Promenade in Paris in the Sunshine

The song is very quirky and fun with a bit of romantic vibes. There are several different instruments you can hear throughout and it has inspired me to want to pick up the piano again. It has highs and lows and it builds up then brings you back down. I truly feel like I escaped to Paris during the song and was dancing around in a sundress with the love of my life. The end brings us back down and ends with some cute keys to take us out. Check it out for yourself by listening here.

You can find more information about MOONLIGHT & SUNSHINE.


Want More?

Andrei truly brings emotions to life in his musical compositions. I am delighted to have had to priveleage of covering his music and hope to continue to do so in the future. If you are also hooked, check him and his team out at the links below.


 Composition, recording, arrangement: Andrei Poliakov | Facebook | Instagram

Mixing, sound design: Wouter Kronenberg

Artwork Natalia Osenchakova

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